Fellowships and Awards

CSAD offers financial support of research costs for Berkeley students engaged in social scientific scholarship on American democracy. Most funding supports doctoral research in political science, but applications are open to other doctoral students in the social sciences, as well as to undergraduates engaged in writing a Senior Thesis. Funding typically does not exceed $2000 and is intended for specific research tasks rather than general support. To apply, send a one-page memo summarizing the project and justifying the intended use of the funds, along with a budget, to the Director, Paul Pierson, at pierson@berkeley.edu.

Applications are considered on a rolling basis.

Current Recipients

PhD Student Research Grant


Annie Benn, Measuring Delegation and Discretion in Unilateral Actions

Anna Mikkelborg, Reevaluating Current Measures of White Racial Identity


Biz Herman, Legislative and Practical Implications of Gendered Networks in

Alan Yan, Impact of Elite Rhetoric Emphasizing Shared Class Interests

Joseph Warren, Measuring Ideology Through Beliefs About the Power of Different Social Groups

Rhea Meyerscough, Attitudes Towards Payday Lending

Elizabeth Mitchell, How Attitudes Towards Social Groups Structure Political Belief Systems

Alan Yan, Investigating How Americans Conceptualize Class Categories

Undergraduate Thesis Research Grants


Emily Ma, Perceptions of Sexual Assault in U.S. Public Opinion